Skylish Doggo Face Cake for Dogs | Gluten-Free | No Sugar, Oil or Butter | No Raising Agents

Skylish Doggo Face Cake for Dogs | Gluten-Free | No Sugar, Oil or Butter | No Raising Agents
Skylish Doggo Face Cake for Dogs | Gluten-Free | No Sugar, Oil or Butter | No Raising Agents
Skylish Doggo Face Cake for Dogs | Gluten-Free | No Sugar, Oil or Butter | No Raising Agents

Skylish Doggo Face Cake for Dogs | Gluten-Free | No Sugar, Oil or Butter | No Raising Agents

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Treat your fur baby to a slice of joy that's as wholesome as it is delicious. Our cake is crafted from premium, dog-friendly ingredients, making it the paw-fect way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, homecoming days, or any day you want to honour the special place your doggo holds in your heart.

Order now & treat your pet to a slice of joy that mirrors the love you share!

Why Choose Skylish Gluten-Free Doggo Face Cake?

  1. Healthy Ingredients: Each component of Skylish doggo face cake is chosen for its nutritional value & is a blend of real ingredients.

  1. Gluten-Free: Our doggo face cakes are gluten-free, making them suitable for pets with sensitivities. They are also free from sugar, oil, butter, preservatives, salt, and artificial colours or flavours, ensuring a wholesome and allergen-free treat.

  1. Tailored for Special Occasions: Our doggo face cakes provide a delightful and safe way to celebrate birthdays, achievements, or simply the joy of being together. The default chicken and carrot base adds a tasty touch loved by pets.

  1. No Raising Agents: Our doggo face cakes are carefully prepared without any raising agents, maintaining a balance in the cake's texture while prioritising your pet's well-being. 

Choose Skylish dog cakes in Hyderabad for a tiny, tasty, and wholesome treat that your furry friend will love on every special occasion!

Tailored Delights

  • Our cakes, default chicken and carrot-based, are a gluten-free, preservative-free, and artifice-free celebration of health for your pet.
  • Express your creativity! Specify your design and colour preferences when placing your order.

Freshly Baked Magic

  • We bake every order fresh, ensuring a delightful, personalised experience. No ready-to-eat cakes here! 
  • Need a last-minute treat? While we try our best, confirming orders 2-3 days in advance guarantees a spot on our delivery schedule. Same-day orders are subject to availability.

What's Inside?

Eggs, Chicken, Carrots, Peanut Butter, Oats, Rice Flour, Handmade Cream Cheese, Plant-based Natural Colours, Honey, Cinnamon

Dispatch & Pickup:

As per the date of delivery mentioned by the customer. Skylish Cakes need extra care during shipping and handling. We offer three convenient delivery options:                                                                                                                             

1) Self-pick-up (where you can collect the items personally from our location)               

2) You can book a pick-up where we'll arrange the collection (select self-pick-up for this option)                                                                                                                           

3) Delivery by us with applicable charges based on the distance, which will be calculated during the check-out process.

Cakes are normally kept ready by 3 pm. If you need a cake earlier than that, we recommend you place an order for the previous day. We are closed on Sundays and Pre-listed Holidays. Please discuss this with us before placing orders.

Refer here for our Shipping and Refund Policy

Feeding Guidelines:

Skylish Cakes are balanced and healthy and can replace your pet's meal occasionally. Always keep a bowl of fresh water accessible and supervise while feeding. 

Allergen Alert:

Our treats may have come into contact with common allergens such as dairy, eggs, peanuts, or fish. Always check ingredients before feeding.

Proper Storage:

Store in the refrigerator at or below 40° F (4° C). Do not freeze. Consume within 3 days from the date of preparation.

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Yes, we can deliver your cake. After placing an order, you can choose cake delivery option in the time of check out. Our delivery charge depends on the delivery location. As per your convenience You can also collect it personally or arrange a pick up with any of the service providers

Visit, and pick the shape that you want your cake in, and then select the size and flavour. Enter the message you’d like to see on the cake. Leave your address and contact info and our team will contact you once we receive your order

As of now we have cake delivery option available in Hyderabad/Secundrabad only

We have cakes & bakes in different sizes and shapes. Kindly choose Celebrations category on our website and select the cake/bake as per your preference

We have small (300 g), medium (500g) and large (1kg) cakes. We also offer wide range of bakes which come in different shapes and sizes

These are our size recommendations depending on the size and weight of dogs:
Small(300g): for puppies and small dogs (less than 15 kg)
Medium(500g): for mid-sized dogs (between 15-30 kg)
Large(1kg): for large dogs (above 30 kg). Large cake you can opt for also if you are hosting a birthday party

All cakes and bakes are chicken and carrot based by default. In case you are looking for different ingredients in the cake due to allergies or preferences (veg, fruit based, eggless etc.), you may choose “Custom” in the variant setting and specify your ingredient preferences in the text box given before checkout

Please share the cake design with us and we can confirm if that is feasible. These are classified under Special Cakes. They are available in 750g and 1.5kg options, depending on the size needed for that design

Yes! Aside from cakes, our range of celebration bakes can be used as a special treat for your pup. You can choose from Pupcakes, Doggonuts, Paw Sticks, Pupsicles, or even a Combo box to offer your dog a little more variety!

Yes, all our cakes & bakes are free of gluten, preservatives, sugar, salt or any artificial colours, flavours or raising agent.

Our cakes are chicken and carrot based. Rest of the ingredients include: Eggs, Peanut Butter, Oats, Rice Flour, Handmade Cream Cheese, Plant based Natural Colours, Honey, Cinnamon.

Yes, we can make a vegetarian cake.

Yes, we can make vegan cake for you.

Yes, you can visit us and collect the cake that you have pre ordered

Yes! We do offer cakes in the shape of the digits of your dog’s age. You can choose the single digit (0-9) or double digit (10+) depending on your dog’s age. Specify the Age No. in the text box provided

We do not make photo cakes as we are not sure about the safety of the ingredients used in the edible paper used for printing.

Your dog’s special day can be made even more special with our range of fun and healthy bakes, from Pupcakes to edible Tennis Balls! Our Celebrations collection has many such bakes that can add a little something extra to your party. You can check our range of bakes on our website.

We do have return gift combos depending on your choice of treats. You may also pick from our celebration range and we can pack them individually for you on special request.

Skylish cakes do not melt at room temperature, or require cooling storage. However, for storage overnight, it is recommended to refrigerate cakes to avoid spoilage.

If you wish to store a cake overnight, you can refrigerate for 2-3 days.

We bake our cakes and bakes to order only. We recommend placing your orders at least 2-3 days in advance. Same day orders, if any, can be confirmed depending on our bandwidth and availability

No, we are closed on Sundays but you can always order a day before and store it in the fridge overnight

Cakes are normally ready by 3 pm and dispatched thereafter. If the cake is required earlier than that, we suggest you order it for the prior date

We do have return gift combos depending on your choice of treats. You may also pick from our celebration range and we can pack them individually for you on special request.