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Paw Cakesicle (Pack of 2)

Paw Cakesicle (Pack of 2)

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Dispatch & Pickup

As per the date of delivery mentioned by the customer. Skylish Cakes need extra care during shipping and handling. We offer three convenient delivery options:                

1) Self-pick-up (where you can collect the items personally from our location)               

2) You can book a pick-up where we'll arrange the collection (select self-pick-up for this option)

3) Delivery by us with applicable charges based on the distance, which will be calculated during the check-out process.

Cakes are normally kept ready by 3 pm. If you need a cake earlier than that, we recommend you place an order for the previous day. We are closed on Sundays and Pre-listed Holidays. Please discuss this with us before placing orders.

Refer here for our Shipping and Refund Policy

Feeding Guidelines

Skylish Cakes are balanced and healthy and can replace your pet's meal occasionally. Always keep a bowl of fresh water accessible and supervise while feeding.

Allergen Alert

Our treats may have come into contact with common allergens such as dairy, eggs, peanuts, or fish. Always check ingredients before feeding.


Store in the refrigerator at or below 40° F (4° C). Do not freeze. Consume within 3 days from the date of preparation.

Customer Reviews

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Anand A
The cake was very lovely

We ordered a regular cake for our pet lab Duggu for his 1st birthday. Though the order was placed at 1.00 pm,they were kind enough to accept the order to deliver the same day, even if it was mentioned in the site that the orders should be placed well in advance. The cake was delivered to us within five hours which was appreciable. The cake was lovely. The texture was velvety without any weakness. The cake was well packed with a lovely ribbon and a birthday note attached to it. Our furry pal thoroughly enjoyed feasting on it. We are more than happy to recommend Skylish dog treats and cakes to any pet lovers. Thanks Rachna Ma'am!

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Do you deliver cakes?

Yes, we can deliver your cake. After placing an order, you can choose cake delivery option in the time of check out. Our delivery charge depends on the delivery location. As per your convenience You can also collect it personally or arrange a pick up with any of the service providers

How do I order a cake for my pup's birthday?

Visit, and pick the shape that you want your cake in, and then select the size and flavour. Enter the message you’d like to see on the cake. Leave your address and contact info and our team will contact you once we receive your order

Do you deliver cakes all over India?

As of now we have cake delivery option available in Hyderabad/Secundrabad only

What are the cake options?

We have cakes & bakes in different sizes and shapes. Kindly choose Celebrations category on our website and select the cake/bake as per your preference

What size of cakes do you recommend for my dog?

These are our size recommendations depending on the size and weight of dogs:
Small(300g): for puppies and small dogs (less than 15 kg)
Medium(500g): for mid-sized dogs (between 15-30 kg)
Large(1kg): for large dogs (above 30 kg). Large cake you can opt for also if you are hosting a birthday party

What are flavor options?

All cakes and bakes are chicken and carrot based by default. In case you are looking for different ingredients in the cake due to allergies or preferences (veg, fruit based, eggless etc.), you may choose “Custom” in the variant setting and specify your ingredient preferences in the text box given before checkout

Can you do the cake as per any design I share?

Please share the cake design with us and we can confirm if that is feasible. These are classified under Special Cakes. They are available in 750g and 1.5kg options, depending on the size needed for that design

I have a very small dog. Can I get like a small cupcake?

Yes! Aside from cakes, our range of celebration bakes can be used as a special treat for your pup. You can choose from Pupcakes, Doggonuts, Paw Sticks, Pupsicles, or even a Combo box to offer your dog a little more variety!

Is the cake safe to eat for my dog?

Yes, all our cakes & bakes are free of gluten, preservatives, sugar, salt or any artificial colours, flavours or raising agent.

Do you use sugar in your cake?

No, we don’t use sugar in our cakes and bakes.

What is your cake made of?

Our cakes are chicken and carrot based. Rest of the ingredients include: Eggs, Peanut Butter, Oats, Rice Flour, Handmade Cream Cheese, Plant based Natural Colours, Honey, Cinnamon.

Can you make a vegetarian cake?

Yes, we can make a vegetarian cake.

My dog is allergic to dairy and meat. Can you make a vegan cake?

Yes, we can make vegan cake for you.

Can I come and pick up a cake from your shop?

Yes, you can visit us and collect the cake that you have pre ordered

How can I store the bakes at home?

If you wish to store a cake overnight, you can refrigerate for 2-3 days.

I need a cake today. Can I come to your bakery and choose a readymade cake?

We bake our cakes and bakes to order only. We recommend placing your orders at least 2-3 days in advance. Same day orders, if any, can be confirmed depending on our bandwidth and availability

Do you deliver on Sunday cakes and bakes on Sunday?

No, we are closed on Sundays but you can always order a day before and store it in the fridge overnight

What time can I expect my cake order?

Cakes are normally ready by 3 pm and dispatched thereafter. If the cake is required earlier than that, we suggest you order it for the prior date