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Single Ingredient, Single Protein, Species Appropriate, Gluten Free, No Preservatives

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  • Whole prey snack
  • Easy digestible
  • Low in saturated fats
  • Serve it as a snack or crush it over your pet's food a topper
  • High in the omega-3 fatty acids EPS and DHA
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SKYLISH Anchovies | Whole dehydrated Anchovies| Great source of protein | 100 % natural| Handmade with love
Anchovies are safe to offer as a whole prey snack. Fish provides a great source of protein, is relatively low in saturated fats, and is easily digestible as a cooked product. Serve it as a snack or crush it over your pet's food a topper.

Ingredients: Anchovies (cleaned and gutted)

Nutrition Facts:
Energy: 364.21Kcal/100g
Carbohydrates: 0.49/100g
Proteins: 71.91 /100g
Fat: 8.29 /100g

Best Before: 9 months

Feeding Guidelines

  • Feed as a treat/snack. Not a main source of food. 
  • It should be limited to 10% of your dog's daily caloric intake. 
  • Offal and Organs at 5%. 
  • Always keep a bowl of fresh water accesible and supervise while feeding. 
  • Best before Best before 6 months from mfg. dt.

Allergen Alert

Our treats may have come into contact with common allergens such as dairy, eggs, peanuts, or fish. Always check ingredients before feeding.


  • Keep freshness locked in with an airtight pack or box.
  • Discard if you notice any moulding or staleness due to moisture or air exposure.

Shipping Details

Local Delivery (only Hyderabad): 1-2 days

Rest of India: 3-5 days

Contact Us

Skylish Petcare Private Limited

Shop 001, Plot 140, Prashanth Nagar,

Bandlaguda Jagir, Hyderabad 500086

Phone: +91 7330673983

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Healthy and yummy treats

These anchovies have to be my girls favourite snacks! They are crunchy and definitely yummy by the way they gobble them up each time. Every single treat I have tried from Skylish has been a super hit with them, and no tummy troubles or allergic reactions.. Yayy!

Mayan Sharma
Really Healthy and Tasty Treats for your furr babies

Alpha really likes the dehydrated chicken feet and anchovies, eagerly waiting for when the time comes and within a few seconds it’s gone! He really enjoys it.

Manita Deo-Kapoor
We're really happy to have come across Skylish

I was introduced to Skylish by a canine trainer friend of mine. I ended up ordering some of their Dri-licious range, some dehydrated anchovies, and some of their C'nappy and Banana B'oat cookies. That I still remember my very first order with them should tell you how impressed I was.

Recently, we've taken to dipping into their dehydrated fruits and the peanut butter as well as puppy treats from the stash we order for our dog - but don't tell my dog I said so. :D

I can blindly trust the team at Skylish because they have a rigorous quality check process for their products and they will not ship an order out unless it passes the checks. They are transparent with their customers about the process and upfront about providing a refund or a replacement. They're also happy to guide you through what would best suit your pet - depending on the age, any medical condition, or allergy, They will frequently call their customers back to check if whatever has been ordered will suit their pet or not BEFORE they even ship the order out. I also really like the resealable, biodegradable packaging all of the products are packaged in.

We're really happy to have come across Skylish and we happily recommend them to all of immediate circle of friends and family here in Delhi too.

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Are all the treats appropriate for small dogs?

Yes, most of our treats can be safely consumed by small adult dogs. However, we would reserve feeding your puppy offals and organs. Further, we recommend refraining from feeding large treats to dogs of extremely small breeds

My dog is a fussy eater. What are your recommendations?

Our treats can be used in a variety of ways to help your dog’s eating habits. You may choose to either incorporate bits and pieces of our treats in your dog’s meal to make it a little interesting, or use the treats as a reward after finishing a meal

Can I feed my dog the treats when he’s sick?

We recommend you check with your vet before feeding your dog any Skylish Treats.

Do you have products for teething puppies?

Our Barkies are the ideal product for teething puppies. They are a good source of protein as well as helpful in maintaining good dental health.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

For treat orders within Hyderabad, orders are dispatched within 1-2 working days and will reach you a few hours thereafter. Treat orders that are sent out to other cities will take 2-3 business days from the date of dispatch

How to cancel an order?

In case you want to cancel an order or replace items in your order, please contact us within 2 hours of placing the order, so that we are able to do the needful and provide you with the best option

Can I return a product if I’m not satisfied with it?

If you have received a package in a damaged state, please contact us so we may address the issue directly

How can I track my order status?

With the order fulfillment mail, a unique tracking number is allotted for every order, which can be used to track it easily.

What are the payment options?

All payment happens on the payment gateway on the website after you have placed your order. We accept payment by card, UPI, wallets and Netbanking. Cash on delivery is not available