• Ivy and Bella

    I previously had bad experience before Skylish and there was skeptical about what's going in my kids tummy in form of TREATS...
    I found Skylish as my answer...Homemade like I wanted and Yummy which my kids loved, so it's a win-win situation. Finally I can stop worrying because I know what's going in their tummy. Kudos to Rachna.... and added bonus is no weight gain!!!

    Twishaa Bhatt, Mumbai
  • Cookie, Raksha and Fawn

    In our home the pet's birthdays/ adoptiversaries are never complete without a cake lovingly baked by Skylish. Our Golden and Indies feel that the pupcakes are worth dying for and the treats are definitely droolworthy! The peanut butter has practical use: the girls love it so medicines are hidden in it! Thank you Rachna@ Skylish for making the girl's lives tastier and healthier! Here is to wishing you all success
    Usha Nair, Hyderabad

  • Chiku

    Most of the commercial products in the market is known to cause issues for your pooch be it weight gain, gastrointestinal issues or skin disoroders. It took a while for us to realize it and switch completely to homemade food. Our search for homemade treats ended with Skylish. Chiku absolutely relishes them and till date no health issues which is a testament to high quality ingredients they use. Also, for a super excited pooch like him who hardly responds, the treats worked like a charm during training
    Arjun, Hyderabad
  • Buddy, Bella & Elmo

    I am happy that I dicovered Skylish Bakery on Instagram. The fisrt order was dehydrated treats for snuffle mat. The treats were packaged well and most importanly my three dogs loved them. They were completely fresh and high in nutritional value. Glad that they add to the health of my pooches and aren't useless calories. Thank you Skylish for your amazing treat options.
    Nikita Rekhy, Bangalore
  • Czar

    If my dog could start speaking, the first thing he will ask would be about his treats and cakes. They make and bake things not just with love and passion but also each recipe is backed with science behind it.
    Dr. Harsha, Hyderabad
  • Magic

    Skylish treats are to my pup what cheeseburst pizza is to humans, if cheeseburst pizza were also magically healthy.
    The goodies don't stop there though, there are also cakes and chews that I'd recommend to all pet parents out there!
    Kshitij Grovor, Hyderabad
  • Zuki

    So thankful to Skylish & Rachna. Zuki absolutely lovedddd his first birthday cake. He’s usually very excited about food and treats, like every dog is. But with the cake, the excitement was another level... From the first bite to the last, he throughly enjoyed himself, and that speaks a lot about the taste and flavour. Love how she put that little extra effort to personalize it with a message and toy
    Shruti, Hyderabad
  • Scotch

    With a personalised touch, Skylish has taken our pet experience to a different level altogether. We wish Scotch could have spoken for himself but nonetheless it is indeed a treat to watch him relish your treats.
    Manmohan Singh, Hyderabad

  • Kismat, Mishka & Gin

    I found Skylish through a friend and my dogs couldn't be happier. Rachna is easy to talk to and happy to recommend products based on your dogs tastes. What I like best about Skylish is that the quality control is rigorous. If a product doesn't meet their exacting standards, they will not let it get to your fur-babies. I know my girls love their products - the Dri-licious range especially.
    Manita Deo Kapoor, New Delhi
  • Fudge

    Skylish makes dog treats and birthday cakes fun, exciting yet completely safe and healthy for my furry baby. I love how innovatively the ingredients are combined to bring delicacies for our pooches! Thanks Skylish ❤️
    Parinita Das, Hyderabad
  • Gaya

    Super high value treats for my super fussy dog. After ‘meh’ reactions to ALL possible store bought treats - we are SO happy (and relieved) to find something that she’s totalllly nuts for. Big thank you Skylish for bringing such bright sparks to her eyes ♥️
    Deepti rao, Mumbai
  • Moonpie

    Absolutely love Skylish! My dog, Moonpie, is a big fan of the dri-licious chews and the barkies! I’m so glad to have found a company that makes healthy and safe treats for pets. The customer service is fantastic! No question, however basic it might be, goes unanswered. Lastly, the reason I would always recommend Skylish is because they genuinely care about your dog ❤️

    Sama Patkar, Mumbai 
  • Barfi

    My dog loves Skylish products and looks forward to her packages with the lovely note from Rachna. Her most favorite are the meat chews which can get her attention even when outdoors among cats, dogs, grass. The barkies have kept her engaged when her parents are busy at work and she looks forward to licking the peanut butter to ward off separation anxiety when left alone at home. The training treats paired with the sniffer mat are perfect for evening games. I am so glad these were the first treats I bought for her.
    Bulbul Gopalani, Kolkatta
  • Marble

    It’s so easy to just checkout some website and place an order for your fur babies ......right!!!!! But no ........Rachna from skylish will call and will personally ask you questions about your pet😊 before she starts processing your order !!!! What I liked about ordering from skylish is their concern for your pets. Rachna spoke to me about Marble ( my beagle girl) and asked me questions about any allergies, issues related to skin, choices or changes that she could make if there is an issue etc.Thank you for being so cool 😎 and she also packs a small note and a toy for them🤩
    Atishree Upreti, Lucknow
  • Roger

    If you are looking for the best treats for your furry friend then you have come to the right place. Roger loves all the products from Skylish ranging from the peanut butter to the pup cakes. Highly recommended.Best thing - you get a personalised note on all the product tags for your pet. Go ahead,buy from skylish and make your pooches happy with the best treats
    Savneet Khaira, Sanghol
  • Dexter

    Skylish’s treats are a wholesome combination healthy ingredients and appealing presentation. Rachana is very friendly and helpful while ordering. She is extremely polite, patient and professional.
    Veena Kalinada, Hyderabad
  • Pumkin & Puppy

    My two very fussy eaters love the treats from Skylish. I don't think they have ever said no to anything Skylish has cooked. Personal favorites are the dehydrated treats. A lot can happen over those treats at home 😁😁 and the best of all, these are all healthy treats and you don't have to feel bad about pampering your dogs with some extra treats.
    Mirdula, Hyderabad
  • Simba

    Skylish Dog treats are the best way to keep your pets engaged with nutritious treats , that are made with high quality meat and locally sourced produce . Our boy Simbas gleaming smile on display .... ❤️says it all !
    Swapna Kar, Hyderabad
  • Scirocco

    You should have seen Scirocco gobble up his Bday Cake from Skylish...it just vanished in minutes.".Thank you Skylish for your Wonderful Pet Gourmet.
    Sanjeev Khanna, Hyderabad
  • Yogi

    Every year Yogi gets his birthday cake from Skylish and he just digs in and enjoys it thoroughly! We and Yogi both love the all natural, hand made snacks from Skylish. They are a real treat for him!
    Shobu Yarlagadda, Hyderabad
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