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Things You Need to Know About Dog Treats

Every dog owner knows the power of puppy eyes. Those soulful gazes easily melt hearts, often leading to the irresistible urge to slip our furry companions a tasty treat. But these natural dog treats are more than just a way to please those pleading eyes, these dog treats are a valuable resource for building a strong and rewarding relationship with your canine friend.

From training new behaviours to providing the necessary mental stimulation, dog treats play a crucial role in a dog's life. However, with a seemingly endless variety of natural dog treats available, finding the right one for your canine friend becomes challenging. To make this process easy, here is a list of things you need to know about dog treats that can help you with the knowledge you need to choose the perfect reward for your beloved dog.

Things to Keep in Mind While choosing dog treats

Choosing the right natural dog treats goes beyond simply grabbing the first one you see at the store or online. Along with several other things, it is also important to understand your doggo’s preferences. Here is what you need to keep in mind:

Dietary needs:

Some dogs can have allergies or sensitivities and many available treats contain common allergens like wheat, corn, or soy. It is important to keep these dietary restrictions in mind and choose dog treats made with limited ingredients or hypoallergenic options. Made from dehydrated meat, jerky and freeze-dried treats are a protein-packed option that many dogs find highly palatable., also being a good choice for dogs with allergies.


Just like humans, dogs thrive on a healthy diet. It is ideal to look for natural dog treats made with high-quality ingredients like whole meats, vegetables, and whole grains. Avoid treats with artificial flavours, colours, or added sugars, as these can contribute to other health problems.


Size and age:

All these dog treats are created equal. Puppies with tiny mouths will struggle with large, hard treats, while giant breed dogs might gobble down a small treat in seconds. Choose treats that are appropriate for your dog’s size and age. Puppies may require softer puppy treats while adult dogs can handle a wider variety of textures. Soft and chewy treats are ideal for puppies, senior dogs, or dogs with dental problems.

Dental Health:

Dental chews and treats formulated to promote dental health are a great way to keep your dog’s teeth sparkling clean. These natural dog treats often have a rough texture that helps to scrape away plaque and tartar buildup. Apart from that, crunchy biscuits are another classic option, ideal for satisfying your dog’s chewing instinct and promoting dental health.

Mental Stimulation:

Certain options like food puzzles and treat dispensing toys are fantastic ways to keep your dog mentally stimulated. Kongs, bully sticks, and antlers are excellent options for keeping your dog occupied and entertained. These long-lasting chews help satisfy chewing urges and reduce boredom and anxiety, helping you mentally stimulate your canine friend.

Training VS Treats:

There is a difference between training treats and everyday treats. These dog training treats should be small, soft, and highly palatable to keep your dog focused during training sessions. Everyday treats can be larger and more varied, offering a wider range of textures and flavours and providing fresh food for dogs.

Remember, moderation is the key! Natural dog treats for your furry friend should be a form of stimulating element only. Overindulging your dog with treats can lead to weight gain, and digestive issues and decrease their appetite for other regular meals. Treats are a powerful source for building a strong bond with your dog, promoting good behaviour, and keeping them mentally and physically stimulated. So, the next time you reach for that treat bag, do so with confidence, knowing you're providing your beloved pup with a delicious and rewarding experience.

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