How to Choose Puppy Treats?

How to Choose Puppy Treats?

The arrival of a playful puppy in your home is a whirlwind of joy and unconditional love. As you start this exciting journey, rewarding and keeping your little furry friend happy becomes your key tool for shaping your pup's behaviour.  And what better way to reward those adorable puppy eyes and good deeds than tasty puppy treats?  However, with shelves overflowing with the number of treat options, selecting the right ones for your growing pup can feel overwhelming.  

The wrong puppy treats can lead to digestive issues, hinder training efforts, and even pose health risks. Thus, to help you make the right choice, here is a detailed guide on choosing the right puppy treats for your little friend and highlighting some fresh food for dogs options that make a difference. To begin with, let’s read about things to avoid while narrowing down the options on natural dog treats. 

Things to Avoid While Selecting Puppy Treats

A puppy's delicate digestive system and developing teeth require special consideration when choosing treats. Here are some things to avoid to ensure your furry friend's safety and well-being:

Artificial Ingredients:  

Skip dog treats which are loaded with artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. These additives can upset your puppy's stomach and offer little nutritional value. Look for dog treats with a simple ingredient list featuring whole foods you recognize, like chicken, salmon, or sweet potato.

Rawhide & Processed Bones:  

While seemingly appealing, rawhide and processed bones can be a choking hazard for young puppies. Their brittle nature can also splinter and damage your puppy's teeth. Look for safer alternatives like bully sticks or antlers for dogs, but always supervise your puppy when they chew on any hard object.

Added Sugars & Sweeteners: 

Sugary treats can contribute to weight gain, dental problems, and even hyperactivity in puppies. Opt for puppy treats with minimal sugar content, and avoid ingredients like corn syrup or molasses. Natural dog treats should prioritize protein and essential nutrients over sugary fillers.

Fruits Not Safe for Dogs:  

Certain fruits, like grapes and raisins, can be toxic to dogs, causing kidney failure in some cases. It's best to avoid them altogether. If you're unsure about a particular fruit, consult your veterinarian before offering it to your pup.


Chocolate is toxic to dogs, and the severity of the reaction depends on the type and amount consumed.  Keep all chocolate products out of your puppy's reach, and store them securely.  Even a small amount of chocolate can be dangerous for your pup.

Fatty Foods:  

Fatty dog treats like fried meats or processed snacks can cause digestive upset and pancreatitis in puppies. Avoid treats with high fat content or unknown ingredients. Look for lean protein sources like chicken or fish, and avoid anything greasy or processed.

Human Food Scraps:  

While it might be tempting to share your dinner with your adorable pup, many human foods are unhealthy for dogs. These can include salty snacks, onions, garlic, and dairy products.  Stick to dog-specific treats formulated for their nutritional needs, and avoid giving your puppy table scraps.

Large or Hard Treats:  

Large or hard puppy treats can be a choking hazard. Choose puppy treats that are appropriate for your puppy's size and age. Soft and chewy treats are ideal for teething puppies, while older pups can handle a wider variety of textures.

Choosing the Perfect Puppy Treats 

Choosing the perfect puppy treats goes beyond just a tasty reward; it's about providing high-quality, age-appropriate options that support your pup's development. From soft and chewy treats ideal for teething and training to crunchy biscuits that promote good oral health, and even frozen treats for a refreshing summer cooldown, a variety of textures and ingredients cater to your puppy's specific needs. Knowing the importance of having quality natural dog treats, choose fresh food for dogs made with real, whole meals to ensure your furry friend gets the essential nutrients they need to thrive alongside a delicious reward.

Skylish: High-Valued  Puppy treats 

Chicken Chews for Dogs

Skylish understands the importance of providing puppies with safe, delicious, and nutritious treats that support their growth and development. Catering to the requirement in the best possible way, Skylish offers a range of high-value puppy treats, specifically formulated for your young canine companion's delicate needs. These dog treats online go beyond just being a tasty reward; they're packed with benefits that cater to your growing pup's well-being. Skylish puppy treats are all about wholesome goodness, ensuring your pup gets the essential nutrients they need for healthy development, without any unnecessary fillers or additives.

Whether you're looking for a delicious way to reward good behaviour, a stimulating chew toy for teething woes, or a training tool that keeps your pup focused, Skylish has high-value puppy treats to fit the bill. Explore the range of natural dog treats by Skylish and find yourself the most delicious and nutritious options designed to make your puppy's journey from tiny teeth to big rewards a fun and fulfilling experience!

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